Name of municipality: Er-Rich

Population: 25,923 inhabitants (2014)

Area: 6.80 km2

Er-Rich in Amazigh language means rock shield, or piles of stones. This Amazigh city was founded by Sidi Ali Ashali and is located at the beginning of the section of the Atlas between the valley of Ziz and Oued Sidi Hamza between the cities of Errachidia (66 km) and Midelt (75 km).

President: Mr. Ahmed El Azouzi

Contact: Mr. Abba El Mustapha

Main features:

The geographical location of Er-Rich is one of the most important territorial characteristics that holds the most potential in terms of tourism, trade and services, as the city is located in the Eastern Atlas region, more precisely in the oasis area of the Ziz Valley, which has allowed it to acquire a distinct geographical location in the heart of the Ziz basin surrounded by a range of peaks. The mountain range stands at 1,400 meters above sea level. This location has also made the geographical situation of Er-Rich, an impregnable region in addition to being a strategic passage between the most important tribal areas of the Eastern Great Atlas.

Main economic activities:

In spite of the importance of the geographical situation of the city of Er-Rich which provides it with an exceptional natural diversity, its agricultural production remains very modest because of the structure of the land in the region which is not very productive (95% of it is sandy soil).

Currently, the city of Er-Rich is experiencing an economic recession following the cessation of lead mining in the otherwise very poorly developed industrial region of Er-Rich.

The city’s economy is limited to livestock breeding and trade.

Conditions and environmental challenges:

Having a semi-arid climate, very cold in winter, hot in summer, with a great temperature difference: 1 °C in winter, and more than 35 °C in summer, the city still experiences flooding due to heavy rains; this is why the municipality has committed to prepare its Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP) as part of the Clima-Med project in order to plan climate change adaptation and mitigation actions, such as a flood protection project and the creation of new green spaces in the municipality.