Achieving long-lasting impact in the region

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To sustain its impact beyond its duration and to set out capacity building milestones, Clima-Med will ensure:

  • Transfer of skills to its multiple partners, to be done at all levels of its activities through the participatory learning approaches, Train-the-Trainers programmes, collaborative peer learning networks and working groups;
  • Transmission of a wide range of technical tools will go to the beneficiaries in each partner country, including e-learning modules, SEACAP methodology toolkits, PPP screening tools and procurement manuals;
  • Establishment of effective and embedded institutional mechanisms such as setting up of National Coordination Groups, NCGs, and SEACAP Support Mechanisms, which will be acting with clearly defined roles and responsibilities;
  • A special focus will be placed on securing the financial and physical sustainability of the Covenant of Mayors Office’s (CoMO) functions and operation.