As part of their progress, all Clima-Med beneficiary cities in the south Mediterranean are preparing their Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan, SEACAPs that will be shared soon on this platform.

Following the affiliation of municipalities / local authorities to join the Clima-Med project from seven countries, training workshops and coaching on the development of Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plans (SEACAPs) have been continuously held. Municipalities’ teams have used tailored material prepared by the project (syllabi, templates to fill, teaching videos, visual aids, and presentations) to develop their plans with the full support of Clima-Med experts.

In total, 97 local authorities have joined us and have engaged in the plans’ preparation, including :

⁃ 66 cities from Mashreq countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine). comprising 38 cities plus two Union of municipalities,including twenty cities for the first Union and eight cities for the second.
⁃ 31 cities from Maghreb countries (Morocco, Tunisia, and Israel).

Moreover, several cities have expressed their will to join the initiative and prepare the Action plans. The preparation of 71 SEACAPs together with the municipal technicians remains a very challenging task that is overcome by the commitment of those partners, our team of experts and well-adapted coaching learning methods, and tailored material. Now that we have submitted ten Plans and produced the pre-final versions for the remaining 61, the challenge is to finalise them into the very well-edited versions that will be ready to use effectively.

Currently, there is a waiting list of 389 additional local authorities that have requested our support to prepare their SEACAPs. Our long-term vision to respond to this demand is being sought through establishing a SEACAP Support Mechanism (SSM), which consists of a national system to support the preparation and implementation of Action plans in each country. We are in parallel aiming to provide Helpdesk to those cities in this direction through the Covenant of Mayors for the Mediterranean, CoM Med.

The Clima-Med project team continued the regular monitoring of the “implementation level” of the climate actions in the first 28 SEACAPs prepared through the “Cleaner Energy Saving Mediterranean Cities” project, known as CES-MED, which preceded Clima-Med. We have concluded that some 150 of those climate actions were funded and implemented, and their number is increasing. This indicates that the SEACAP exercise and tool is concretely yielding tangible climate results.

The way forward:

While municipalities face difficulties obtaining adequate resources to finance the implementation of SEACAP projects, Clima-Med will continue its efforts to mobilize actors of all levels: such as cities, governmental financing authorities, international financing institutions, and the private sector, to become more engaged in identifying and devising adapted climate finance models that are to be tested and ready to be replicated. These ventures are expected to be enhanced once national and local authorities take the opportunity to create and sustain the SSM in each country.

In the next six months, we will proceed with coaching cities and moving ahead with the production of the plans. Our Help Desk functions will continue catering for other interested municipalities, promote and support applications to join our regional Covenant of Mayors (CoM Med). We will also formulate the extended activities of Clima-Med till June 2025, towards more Climate Action inputs and results, always hand in hand with our multilayered partners and supporters.