Local governments can have a comparative advantage if they choose to take Climate Action Initiative and the lead on applying climate change & energy policies, through the design, development, implementation and evaluation of concrete local climate actions.

In the Mediterranean region, Climate Action Initiative at local level is particularly needed as national policies do not respond to the hot-spot challenges and where actions should be originated and tailored to local circumstances and the need of resident constituencies.

South Mediterranean Mayors showed commitment to join the Covenant of Mayors, as 62 signatory cities have already joined via the previous CES-MED project and over 250 are on the list to join. Many more are planning to be members through the Clima-Med project.

JRC Assessment Report of CoM Med first phase

Clima-Med’s role

Clima-Med key tasks are: To establish the regional Covenant of Mayors Mediterranean or CoM-Med, to enable its evolution, to promote the preparation and implementation of Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plans (SEACAP) in line with COM requirements and to support partnerships and win-win cooperation between cities. The aim is to efficiently undertake sustainable Climate Actions.

As main platform, Clima-Med will set and operate a CoM-Med website in three languages for the region. It will provide an array of information about tools, manuals, benchmark examples, sources of funding; and a forum of exchange for applicant municipalities to share experience and join force to conduct sustainable local climate mitigation and adaptation actions.

CoM Med objectives

The main objective of CoM-Med is to support local authorities in their quest to design and implement coherent SEACAPs, incorporating local climate actions and facilitating to this end collaboration among a wide range of regional, national, funding and non-state actors.

CoM-Med will help achieve local actions by backing and empowering local authorities in their role as:

Primary policy architects and leaders, through the development and implementation of SEACAPs.

Incubators for Change, through their participation in the CoM and promotion of pilot replicable actions among other LAs, creating a much-needed momentum for change;

Strategic partners, through their support to an integrated approach between national and local authorities and the establishment of SEACAP Support Mechanisms (SSMs) at national level, backed by demonstrated functional procedures and tools;

Innovators, as they create adapted and small-scale innovation and experimentation with tailored or low-cost solutions that mobilise local resources;

And as awareness-raisers; noting that due to their proximity to citizens, cities can be essential actors in raising public awareness, thus instigating change of habits in energy consumption and environmental behaviours.

CoM Med Offices (CoMO) will provide:

A high-performing engine supporting the development and implementation of sustainable local actions across the region

Support to the cities through technical assistance and Help Desk services;

Effective helpdesk services providing information, advice and guidance to LAs related to SEACAPs and associating broader urban sustainable development issues through a specific climate-assistance model, with access to a wide range of specialist experts.

Two Clima-Med offices were established and will be acting as CoMO:

In Beirut, Lebanon

Al-Youssef Bldg., 4th Floor – Dr. Toufic Rizk Street,
Nasra Area, Achrafieh,
Tel & fax: + 961 1 204134

In Rabat, Morocco

285, Mohammed V avenue, 2nd Floor, Apt. 21
1000 Rabat, Morocco
Tel: + 212 – 622 017 587
Fax : +212- 808 609 366