Name of City: Moukhtara

Population: 3900 (2017)

Area: 3.6 Km2

Moukhtara is located in Chouf District, an administrative division of Mount Lebanon Governorate and is on the upper side of the Chouf Caza. It is located 52 km from Beirut and 6 km from the Caza Caimacamiyat seat in Beiteddine, 850 m height and it is at a crossroads to Jezzine through Bater and the Bekaa through Maaser El Chouf.

It is bordered by Ain w Zain from the north, by Ain Qeni from the south, by Maaser Al chouf from the east, and by Jdaideh from the west.

Name of Mayor: Mr. Roger Al-Ashi


Website: N/A

Main features:

Moukhtara is one of the most important historical villages in Chouf area, has preserved traditional life style. Being a unique place with a strategic location and natural formation, it is considered by many a one of a type masterpiece of nature. Furthermore, Moukhtara is only 15 minutes from the largest natural reserve in Lebanon, Al Chouf Cedar Biosphere Reserve that covers 5 per cent of the entire country, stretching over 50.000 hectares and including 6 cedar forests.

Main economic activities:

The economy relies on two main economic sectors, agriculture and tourism. The agriculture sector is the biggest employer with 50% of the population that directly or indirectly depends on it. The village is characterized by olive trees planting.

Additionally, the tourism in the village is a factor of economic development and is based on scenic nature and historical monuments.

Conditions and environmental challenges:

The village has good infrastructure in various sectors providing the residents with basic services to carry out various tasks, to move around easily and to ensure decent life for them.

The village enjoys a mild weather with warm days in the summer and cold days in the winter due to its location under the Chouf Mountains. It is rich in water but lately the village faced a water scarcity, this has led local authorities to think hard about increasing water storage capacity and establishing water harvesting projects.