Name of City/municipality: Sama Al Sarhan

Population: 26000 (2019)

Area: 22.8 Km2

The district of Sama al Sarhan is located in the north-western part of the Governorate of AL Mafraq, and lies on the border strip of Syria for about 14 Km including seven different towns.

Name of Mayor: Mr. Khalaf Ayed Al-Sarhan


Website: N/A

Main features:  

This district enjoys an important strategic position as a border area with Syria with the presence of Jabber border Centre, Jordan’s second crossing with it.

Main economic activities:  

Al Sarhan region is renowned for agriculture and livestock as it represents the main pillars of its economy. Livestock raising is the main income for 15% of the population. Concerning the commercial sector, the area of the district flourishes in this side, where commercial activities are manifested through the spread of shops run by a part of the local citizens.

Conditions and Environmental Challenges:

Most of the work force is working in civil government jobs, military entrepreneurship, trade, agriculture and livestock farming. However the district is facing a serious unemployment issue where the portion of the unemployed in the total active population accounts for 25%. Al Sarhan areas are among the poverty pockets with a poverty rate of 27% of the total population. The district is still facing major challenges both in terms of solutions to flash floods and in terms of proper infrastructure for waste water collection and treatment.

Located at 1026 metres above sea level, Al Sarhan is passing by several climatic changes that are impacting public health, water and agriculture mainly. Increase in temperature have caused rupture of several crops and trees, in addition to floods that damaged many agricultural lands. Moreover, the locality is facing water problems such as underground reservoirs depletion due to the scarcity and disturbance of rainy seasons.