Clima-Med workshops to support the final stages of SEACAPs development with Moroccan municipalities

In April 2021, as part of advancing towards the final stages of developing the Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plans (SEACAPs), the EU-funded Clima-Med project organized a series of workshops for five Moroccan beneficiary municipalities, including Tangier, Oujda, Drarga, Sefrou, and Kenitra.

The main objective of these workshops was for each municipality to select pilot climate actions for adaptation and mitigation and to review the model action sheet developed by Clima-Med. Even though Er-Rich, Benslimane, Chefchaouen, Tiznit and Al Hoceima were unfortunately unable to participate in the workshops, they are making progress simultaneously with the direct support of the Clima-Med project team in the Maghreb.

As in all previous training workshops, the “learning by doing” approach adopted by Clima-Med allows municipalities to build capacity, exchange, and progress on the various phases of developing their SEACAPs.

The communes’ representatives were able to select 5 to 7 actions representative of specific issues identified in each city; these actions’ main criteria are their importance, diversity, and “replicability” to other cities in Morocco and the south Mediterranean region that share similar issues and adverse climatic effects.

During the training sessions, practical exercises allowed participants to fill out sheets with the action for which they had the most information and data to become familiar with the action sheet template.

These workshops made it possible to shortlist over 70 typical Climate Actions and discuss the means and mechanisms for collecting the data needed to develop detailed action sheets. The communes will use these sheets to formulate project proposals and submit them to financial partners later.

For the next step, participants agreed that they would send their completed and detailed action sheets to the project team, which would then review, complete, and include them in the SEACAPs.