The teenage activist from Sweden – Greta Thunberg has inspired thousands of young people to ”march for the climate”. On 3rd of August, she posted a picture of herself standing next to a train with the caption “on the morning train to New York and Santiago in Chili” on her social media accounts (article cover photo courtesy to Ms. Thunberg’s Facebook)

First call for Ms. Thunberg will be Switzerland – to meet climate activists from dozens of countries at the “Fridays for Future” summit. Then, she will travel to the UK and will then cross the Atlantic Ocean to the US on the zero emissions yacht Malizia II. For the trip with Ms. Thunberg all commercial sponsor logos have been removed from the vessel (source). ‬

Once in the US, Greta will attend the UN Climate Change Summit 2019 in New York on September 23, where climate awareness events are planned on the 20th and 27th of September.

The young activist will also go to Canada and Mexico, before attending the annual UN climate change conference in Santiago, Chile, in December 2019.

The 16-year-old teenager has taken a temporary break from her studies for this trip.