Under the auspices of the Governor of Qalqilya, the Municipality of Qalqilya, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Education and the Women’s Forum have organized the planting day and decorate the “University Street” in the city.

The governor of Qalqilya Governorate, Major General Rafeh Rawajbeh and the Department manager Dr. Noor Al Aqraa participated in the event as well as the Director of the Agriculture Department Eng. Ahmed Eid, representatives of civil society institutions, the administrative and academic bodies of the department, the students of the department, the student council, the teachers, supervisors from the Department of Education, directors and heads of departments and employees of the municipality.

Dr. Hashim Al Masri, mayor of Qalqilya, praised the efforts of all those involved in this important event that contributes to create a culture that is supportive of the environment, noting that the preservation of the environment is part of the Palestinian national challenge and engagement and a milestone of national development; He stressed the support of the municipality to the activities of the Women’s Environmental Forum, supervised by a group of socially active women, which enhances the role of women in society.

The mayor also expressed his gratitude to the European Union and Clima-Med’s team for their concern in environment and climate issues and praised the continuous cooperation with them wishing to maintain this valued cooperation at all levels.