The Clima-Med project organized a mission to Ramallah in Palestine to meet with the Focal Point, Mr. Omar Sharqiyah, Director General of Projects Department at the Ministry of Local Governance (MOLG) in the presence of his Excellency Dr. Hassan Ala Aroj the Minister of Local Governance.

The objectives of this mission were the validation of the NCG and its members which is namely composed of the MOLG as the focal point and responsible of WP2, the Ministry of Environment as coordinator of the WP1, the Municipal Development and Local Fund as the coordinator of the WP3 and other members among them the Palestinian Energy and National Resources Authority (PENRA), the Palestinian Environment Quality Authority, Water Authority, Engineers Association, Palestine Investment Fund, Palestine Green Building Council, Palestinian Economic Centre for Development & Reconstruction (PECDAR) and other NGOs and Universities.

The second objective was to discuss the main lines of a road map as well as the action plan and to agree on the next steps for it. The team of Clima-Med experts highlighted the methodology of the project, and also discussed the future selection of the 10 partner cities and the decentralized operational structure practiced by the Palestinian Authority in its territories. The latter has established the Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF) that works on translating the national policies related to local governance into implementable programs and projects that contribute to the empowerment of the local government units through managing funds that might be grants and loans.

Dr. Ala Aroj ensured that the Ministry will continue supporting the Clima-Med project to achieve the expectations in Palestinian territories. Another meeting with EUD representative was held, and the potential synergies with MDLF and other donors and actors in the country were explored.