The National Tree Day is an annual event in Tunisia which traditionally takes place in the second Sunday of November. This year the municipality of Hammam-Lif, together with its citizens, municipal representatives and local associations, have joined Clima-Med’s Regional Planting Day in the South Mediterranean to raise awareness on the importance of trees and the preservation of the green heritage of the city. For this event, they took over the municipal garden space, an emblematic green space in the city, which has just been rehabilitated, and that will be re-opened for the public at the end of the year.

The environmental awareness activities in Hammam-Lif were supervised by Dr. Mohamed Ayari, mayor of the city and held in coordination with Mr. Mohamed Ali Hamrouni, Commissioner of the municipality. In his opening speech, Dr. Ayari stressed on the significance of the annual event, to educate the citizens on the importance of trees for soil conservation and preservation of the ecosystem and protection of nature and to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Children and youth from the city took part in the event day, together with their parents, and planted more than 100 seeds of trees, including olives, shrubs, border and flowering plants.

The Planting Day was organized with the active collaboration of many local associations who joined forces and played a remarkable role in the animation of the group of children; several side workshops dedicated on environmental awareness and climate change, took place alongside the event that day such as land art classes on drawing/curating paintings with leaves and flowers with the cultural association “Forum of creators”, as well as trainings with basic steps on delivering first aid with the Tunisian Red Crescent Society; the “Good deed for environment and development” Association introduced the children to the techniques of planting shrubs and “Hammam-Lif Tiich” provided the musical entertainment and interviewed participants about the event, its scope and noted their suggestions.

The Municipality of Hammam Lif believes that it has achieved its objectives that day, first of all by the significant participation of its citizen marked by the presence of a large number of children and pupils. Moreover, the teachers who were present during that day expressed the need to have similar events organized in schools and colleges who own vacant grounds with the presence of the municipality, and the support of the civil society, on a regular basis and throughout the year.

The Regional Planting Campaign ‘’ Green up your community’’, organized by Clima-Med with the support of the European Union, is an awareness raising event engaging citizens and local authorities to make an impact on protecting the planet.

Photo gallery and a video from the event are available in our library 

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* Hammam-Lif is one of the many cities that joined Clima-Med’s Regional Planting campaign. Stay tuned for more articles of cities, which already got on board with the campaign and are organising their planting day before COP25.