On March 26th, the Clima-Med project organised the second meeting of the National Coordination Group (NCG) in Tunisia in the premises of the Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation (MDIIC) in Tunis.

Chaired by Mrs. Saloua Hsoumi, Director General at the Ministry, the meeting brought together with Ms. Sameh Benfguira, Clima-Med Focal Point, the NCG members representing many Tunisian institutions operating in the field of energy and climate.

Along the meeting, Clima-Med experts recalled the objectives and main components of the Project namely the integration of national climate policies, the development of SEACAPs and the development of a financing strategy. They presented the outline of the project roadmap framing the NCG’s commitments as well as an action plan of the stages of the whole project which were approved by the participants and introduced the participants to the development of the National Policy Coordination Strategy and funding mechanisms.


Another meeting in Tunisa will follow in the near future, to launch the effective work of the NCG on the three components of the Clima-Med project and to plan the review of existing national climate reports and strategies at the national level. A selection of cities and / or regions that will be supported by the project in the development of new SEACAPs will be made to allow setting the methodology for developing a climate finance strategy.