Name of municipality: Sisseb Dhriâat

Population: 32,000 inhabitants (2014)

Area: 312 km²

President: Mr. Nasrallah Salem


Main features:

Sisseb Dhriâat is located at the northeastern end of the Governorate of Kairouan and is the neighbor of 4 municipalities: Sbikha’ from Kairouan, “Kondar” and ’Enfidh’a from Sousse and “Nadour” from Zaghouan. Located 35 km from the future Enfidha Deep Water Port and 25 km from Enfidha Hammamet International Airport, it is a 100% rural community.

Main economic activities:

Agricultural sector: 65%

Livestock sector: 10%

Tertiary sector: 15%

Industrial sector: 5%

Others: 5%

Environmental conditions and challenges:

The alleged role of the municipality is very important in the process of sustainable local development, but it lacks adequate means to meet the needs of citizens.

The city of Sisseb Dhriâat is aware of the importance of environmental protection, especially for waste and oil mills, which are the main environmental challenges facing the municipality.

In the absence of heavy road traffic, the commune does not present any air pollution. It is a purely agricultural area that has committed as part of the Covenant of Mayors for Mediterranean (CoM Med) to reduce its emissions and to prepare a Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP) to implement climate actions on the municipality’s territory.