Name of the municipality: El Maâmoura

Population: 8,039 inhabitants (2014)

Area: 2.85 km2

El Maâmoura is a coastal city of Tunisia located in the region of Cap Bon, 5 kilometers north of Nabeul and contiguous with Beni Khiar. Administratively attached to the governorate of Nabeul, it has been a municipality since May 3, 1966.

President: Ms. Abir El Fen


Main features:

The city takes the name of a cape, the Ras Maâmoura, and is characterized by a long beach and a 450-hectare sabkha (a coastal, supratidal mudflat in which evaporite-saline minerals accumulate) that is subject to a special protection regime because of the richness of its ecosystem.

Every summer, the city organizes a multicultural festival called the Sidi Ben Daoud Festival.

Key Economic Activities:

In the past, agricultural activity was the mainstay of the local economy in Maâmoura and the only profession practiced by its inhabitants apart from handicrafts. Over the years, the local economy has metamorphosed like most of the coastal cities of Tunisia where industrial and tertiary activities (services, trade, tourism, etc.) have taken precedence over ancestral activities including agriculture.

Its commercial activity is mainly based on the sale of artisanal products, spices, etc.

Moreover, the tourist activity is one of the pillars of the regional economy, reflecting the seaside character of tourism, which remains in strong relation with its attractive beaches and sunny climate. The area features guest houses for camping and summer vacations.

Environmental Conditions and Challenges:

Being a privileged destination, the municipality is currently engaged in partnership with associations and local civil society with the aim of becoming a leading municipality in supporting development. Within the framework of the Clima-Med project, the municipality of El Maâmoura is developing its Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP).