Name of City: Idna

Population: 30000 (2019)

Area: 19.78 Km2

Idhna is a town in Hebron Governorate located 15 km southwest of Hebron City in the southern part of the West Bank. It is bordered by Tarqumiya to the north, Taffuh and Hebron to the east, Al Kum village to the south and the 1949 Armistice Line (the Green line) to the west. It is located on low altitude hills ranging from 400m to 480m above sea level.

Name of Mayor: Dr. Mahmoud Bachir Sleimieh



Main features:

Idhna’s site was inhabited since Canaanite times (the Bronze Age), evident from ancient remains found in the town. The town is identified with the biblical city of Dannah. It is located in the furthest west part of Palestine adjacent to the “Wall of separation” that cut several hundreds of Hectares of Idhna’s land.

Main economic activities:

Idhna’s primary source of income is agriculture, consisting mainly of cultivated areas with olive trees, along with livestock rearing and dairy production.

Also, the town represents the “capital” of scrap recycling, where this activity represents a major boost for the local society income. Besides, the city has an active commercial sector including a big number of establishments, playing a significant role in local economy development.

Conditions and environmental challenges:

The unemployment rate in the city has reached more than 25%, especially among graduates of universities and institutes, where about 31% of the population only are economically active. The city still faces a major challenge to safe sewage disposal, resulting in public health concerns increase as well as the environment and underground water pollution.

In line with that, Idhna has scolded through the previous year’s expansion in temperature that has caused harms on harvests, trees and shrubberies, on animals and on water sources. Notwithstanding that the extensive and abrupt precipitations has caused serious floods around causing streets blockages, flooding over agricultural lands, and damage to underground structure.