Name of City: Bani Suhaila

Population: 41126 (2019)

Area: 12320 dunams

It is located 5.2 km west of Khan Yunis city center and is surrounded by the large area of Absan and Absan al-Jadida from the east and the town of Qarara from the north and from the south.

Name of Mayor: Eng.Hamdan Radwan



Main Features:

The city was built by the Bani Souhaila Arab tribe, and it is the gateway to the eastern region in Gaza strip.

Main economic activities:

The main economic activity and source of income to the citizens is agriculture as well as the commercial activities where small to medium commercial establishments are spread all over the city.

Conditions and environmental challenges:

The city of Bani Souhaila is located in southern Gaza Strip, by which citizens suffer in decline of most basic services, as shortage in electricity supply having it for 8 hours/day, in addition to the incomplete waste water network by which it covers only 30% of the populated area, and is considered a major threat for the community health and surrounding environment.

Climate wise, the decreased level of precipitation has increased the consumption of underground water for irrigation and household use which thus creates a future problem in water availability. In addition to that, Bani Souhaila is suffering from floods every year, as a result of the seven valley flooding that resulted in damaging houses and increasing the risk of landslides.