Name of municipality: Tiznit

Population: 74,699 inhabitants (2014)

Area: 80 km2

Tiznit is located in the Souss region, 15 km in a straight line from the Atlantic Ocean, 81 km south of Agadir, 203 km south of Essaouira, 271 km southwest of Marrakesh and 553 km south of Rabat.

President: Mr. Ibrahim Boughden

Contact: Mr. Khalid Erguigue:


Main features:

Set between argan trees, olive trees and palm trees, the region of Tiznit is at the crossroads of sea and desert. Tiznit is a privileged place in the beautiful region of Souss, synonym with serenity and happiness of living.

The city is located 16 km from Aglou beach on the Atlantic Ocean, and several beaches are easily accessible.

The Souss-Massa National Park is located just north of the city.

Main economic activities:

The commercial sector is crucial in Tiznit, it is supplemented by the service sector which is experiencing continuous growth. The main popular outlet is the weekly Tiznit market (or “Souk”) which is held every Wednesday and Thursday.

In the town of Tiznit there are more than 2,500 traders (2,478 in retail trade and 25 in wholesale trade), most of them are located in well-equipped facilities.

The industrial sector remains nascent in Tiznit, though it does feature a developed industrial district and an industrial zone under development.

Agriculture in Tiznit is a subsistence agriculture with very little irrigation, which is highly dependent on climatic conditions. Its low yield is also linked to the fragmentation of cultivated land and the lack of mechanization. These fields are located mainly in the Targua and Doutargua perimeters. Livestock farming is the complementary activity to this food-producing agriculture and is sometimes the main source of income for the population. We note the existence of some cooperatives among which is the women’s cooperative “Tifaoute Ntalâinte” formed by 12 members and whose main activity is goat breeding. The latter will soon benefit from the Morocco Green Plan (Plan Maroc Vert). In addition, it is important to point out that mint is one of the best-known local products of this locality.

Conditions and environmental challenges:

As part of the Clima-Med project, the Municipality of Tiznit has committed project to prepare a Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP) to integrate climate change mitigation and adaptation components. Among its main challenges is the preservation of the environment and traditional spaces: the rehabilitation of Targa, the reuse of purified water, the management of water resources, the use of renewable energy (solar), the protection of the city of Tiznit against flooding, and the creation of green spaces and their maintenance.