Name of City: Batloun

Population: 4200 (2016)

Area: 5.55 Km2

The village of Batloun is located in the Chouf district. It is bordered by the town of Kfar Nabrakh on the west, Barouk on the east, Maasser El Chouf on the south, and Briih from the north.

Name of Mayor: Mr. Marwan Kaiss

Contact: mmkaiss@gmailcom

Website: N/A

Main features:

The village of Batloun is a strategic village in the beautiful Chouf district, which is part of the Chouf Biosphere Reserve and is blessed with several natural and human resources. In addition to its strategic geographic location the village has a beautiful nature, rich history, and high potential for eco-tourism.

Main economic activities:

Batloun, as many neighbouring villages has been historically famous for its agricultural produce, specifically for growing silkworms, and lately growing apples.

The village has also a cultural heritage along with a beautiful nature that attract cultural and eco tourists making from it a stop for the tourists visiting Chouf area, which in turn lead to an active commercial sector relying on a big variety of commercial establishments.

Conditions and Environmental Challenges:

Despite being close to the key water source in the neighbouring Barouk, the village has significant water shortages. Additionally, one of the major challenges the village is facing is the waste water infrastructure development to avoid underground water and surrounding environment pollution.

Batloun falls on the outskirts of the “Barouk Mountain”, and is surrounded by two valleys, it has a pleasant climate in spring and summer and a rather cold climate in winter. The village often faces landslides phenomenon in the valleys due to the heavy rain causing flash floods.