Name of City/municipality:  Madaba

Population: 161,900 (2018)

Area: 39.44 Km2

Madaba is located 33 Km south west of the capital Amman and close to the Dead Sea. It rises from the sea surface to about 740-840 meters.

Name of Mayor: Mr. Ahmad Slameh Al Fasatleh



Main features:

The rich historical and archeological heritage of Madaba makes of it a cultural city unique of its kind specially when talking about mosaique. Located in the church of Saint Georges, the Madaba mosaic map is the world’s oldest glimpse of the cartography of the Middle East during Biblical times.

Main economic activities:

Tourism is the main pillar of the economy in Maadaba because of the presence of many historical sites and destinations unique of its kind. Besides tourism, commercial activities also play a role in generating income for its population.

Conditions and Environmental Challenges:

In Madaba, the majority of the residents work in government and military, only a small number work in agriculture. The total unemployment rate is about 29.5%. The city needs to activate the commercial and industrial sectors to provide jobs and attract investment, especially in industry and tourism. Also, the city still faces a major challenge with regards to waste water collection and treatment improvement.

Concerning Climate, summers are hot and winters mild with an average rainfall of about 346 mm. However, extreme precipitation usually occurs at the beginning of winter that results by huge floods damaging infrastructure, buildings, and lives of people. These climate changes has revealed to have a high impact on public health, agriculture and water sectors by which they were the most affected.