Name of City/municipality: Balaama

Population: 65000 (2018)

Area: 240 Km2

Balaama district is located in the southwestern part of the province of Mafraq. It enjoys a strategic location due to its medium position between Al Mafraq and Al Zarka Governorates. Balaama follows the administrative direction of Al Mafraq Brigade and its new municipal land area is 240 Km². It is bordered by Al Zarka at the south and Al Mafraq at the north east. It is located at 700 m altitude above sea level.

Name of Mayor: Mr. Souleiman Audeh Al-Hleil Al-Khawaldeh


Website: N/A

Main features:

Balaama has a historical value where its name is related to the prophet Balaam son of Beor where an inscription found in Tall Deir Alla in Jordan Valley. Its geographical characteristics makes of it a suitable environment for agriculture and livestock raising.

Main Economic Activities:

In Balaama, the economy is mainly relying on agriculture and livestock as well as other commercial institutions services and governmental institutions.

Conditions and Environmental Challenges:

Most of the citizens’ work in the governmental institutions, educational institutions and most of the citizens have educational diplomas, however unemployment is important among the work force. The city still faces major challenges both in terms to waste water collection and treatment and in terms to solid waste management.

Among the most important impact of climate change on the region is the increase in temperature, fluctuation in rainwater or its entrapment and delay (larger quantities of rain fall in short periods of time, which causes great damage to the infrastructure) and thus causes an impediment to economic and social growth and the increase in demand for water in the future will be one of the most obstacles especially with the increase of population, the rise of the standard living, and the expansion of the urban area.