Name of City/municipality: Al Muwaqqar

Population: 89980 (2018)

Area: 750.8 km²

Al Muwaqqar is located at 30 km south east of the Governorate of the capital Amman. It’s bordered from the west by Sahab Juwaidah and Kraibatassouq, from the north by Al Zarqa, from the east by Al Azraq and from the south by the district of Jizah

Name of Mayor: Mr. Mefleh Salim Al-Khdeir



Main features:

The population in the city has tribal character where many Arab tribes have settled and formed it. It is located along Amman Development Street and Amman-Baghdad Street, which enables investors and tourists to reach it. It also lies near Queen Alia international airport.

Main economic activities:

The industrial and commercial sectors play an important role in the economy of the district where are more than 250 factories in Al Muwaqqar municipality and its district. Regarding agriculture and livestock, it lost all of its past importance and is now very weak or significant at an individual level. Finally, tourism has a great potential with many historical sites constituting the main assets of the sector that is in the process of amelioration and further development.

Conditions and Environmental Challenges:

The city suffers from unemployment especially for the educated graduates and also the uneducated people bearing in mind that there are a lot of industrial institutions but there is scarcity in skillful employees.  The unemployment rate has reached 16.1 % in the year of 2016. The city benefits from the essential services and infrastructures necessary for its citizens. Still the solid waste and waste water management is a big challenge for the city to reduce the pollution of the environment.

Located on a plateau, 935 meters above sea level, the weather is arid to semi-arid due to the low precipitation and lack of rain in it. Dusty winds and storms affects the livelihoods in the already dry region. The region has noticed in recent periods the outbreak of fires in the barley fields due to the very high temperature that reached 40 degrees. The high temperatures and scarcity of rain have resulted in droughts which had a major impact on the already weak agricultural and water sector in the region. The water scarcity is a serious issue affecting and compromising the future of the city.