The city of Tiznit in Morocco has joined Clima-Med’s Regional Planting Campaign and organised a planting day in the municipality on November 24, simultaneously in several districts of Tiznit. Tiznit’s local authorities and community members, committed to keep the municipal urban spaces green, have joined forces for the campaign with four civil society associations: CHOUALLA, Leader of Education and Camping, Almostakbal Nakhil and Oum Elkora. The event sought remarkable participation of 100 children and young people from the city of Tiznit.

The planting activities started in Bab Lkhmis (Targa Palm), where 43 trees of Wachintonya were planted, in the presence of the president of the municipality of Tiznit, Mr Brahim Bouaghaden, accompanied by members of the municipal council, the personnel of the municipality, civil servants and representatives of the participating associations.

40 trees of the Fecus Macro Carpa type have been planted at the reception area on the road to Agadir. In the Hay Hassani district gardens, 360 plants of type: Pervache (100P), Myporome Lytume (100P), GERANUIM ZONAL (100P) and ROSIER (60P), were planted in the newly developed district garden.

A seed sowing actions at the communal nursery of Tiznit took place in the afternoon, where children participating in this action attended collaborative sessions with green space technicians on sowing and germination. Together, they have planted 2300 Brachychiton seeds at the Tiznit municipal nursery.

An awareness-raining event – “Go green” was organized for the benefit of participating children, to involve them more in greening their communities and the global fight against climate change.

A gallery with photos and a video are available in our library