The Clima-Med project attended a bilateral meeting at the Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation (Amman, 23-25 April 2019), that brought together senior government officials, distinguished members of multilateral development and financial organizations and civil society, and high-level investors and business people from over 60 countries and international organisations to help support Jordan’s transition to a more productive, competitive and equitable economy for the benefit of all those who live there.

Clima-Med is building a close cooperation with NDC Partnership based on conditions of operations within each country. In countries where NDC Partnership has already identified an NDC Action Plan, Clima-Med will work with NCG to identify the gaps for the implementation projects listed in the NDC Action Plan, provide recommendation on how fill gaps and provide technical support when needed. In the others, where NDC Partnership has not started yet its operations, the Project will contribute to the analysis and mainstreaming of national policy framework, and identification of priorities in action.

During the International and Development Partners Roundtable, organized by NDC Partnership and hosted by the Ministry of Environment with the presence of Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment, participants were invited to provide their feedback on the Jordan NDC Action Plan’s objectives, outputs, and key performance indicators. Some selected insights on NDC Partnership operations in Jordan were shared and commented by participants. Other stakeholders and development organizations’ technical and financial support strategies and actions for Jordan’s NDC will be incorporated into Clima-Med’s climate policy coordination strategy.

Another meeting was held at the Delegation of the European Union to Jordan with key actors regarding preparation of the climate policy coordination strategy. Clima-Med will continue preparing the Climate Policy Coordination Strategy and Finance Strategy in close dialogue with EU-supported technical assistance teams for waste and the REEE II Program.