In Egypt, Luxor Governorate deals with climate change threats

In a series of radio interviews, Clima-Med affiliated municipalities have shared their vision and bold actions on addressing the social and environmental impacts of climate change.

Dr Ramadan Seddik, Director-General of the Environment Department in Luxor Governorate, environmental consultant, and coordinator of the Clima-Med project, talks with the Upper Radio Station in Egypt about climate change in the context of the growing interest of countries worldwide to address the issue at the local level.

Listen to the interview with Dr Seddik to learn more about:

  • What the Luxor Governorate is doing to address climate change threats together with the EU-funded Clima-Med project, and what are the goals of the Luxor Governorate in joining this project.
  • The response from Luxor Governorate in developing a sound strategy and sustainable action plans to confront climate change, meet the ambitions of the Paris Agreement, and get funding agencies on board to support their projects (SEACAPs).
  • The measures that the Governorate is tacking during the COVID-19 pandemic and Clima-Med’s contributions to address this pandemic.