Clima-Med presents the third film of a series that showcases Israeli cities’ commitment to dealing with climate change effects, focusing on green technologies

Israel is vulnerable to environmental threats that affect its urban, rural, and coastal zones, threatening its cities’ environment and affecting their local economic development. The country has made the climate crisis its top priority issue.

Cities such as Ashdod, Bnei Brak, Petah Tikva and Or Yehuda have designed tailor-made Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SEACAPs) for their cities with the support of the Clima-Med project. The plans are addressing different aspects and taking various measures, ranging from increasing the level of renewable energies to working more on energy efficiency, waste, the quality of the waters, public transportation, and education to turn Israeli cities into green cities.

Taking the viewers around the cities, Clima-Med’s short film, “A Glimpse of Hope”, is centred around inspiring stories of its inhabitants and local actors, their actions, and solutions to fight for a more sustainable future. It also shows the engagement of the EU in the region in the Green Deal Agenda on Climate Action framework.

Watch the film on YouTube: