The EU-funded Clima-Med project has organised a Regional “Planting Day” in anticipation of the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP25), in Madrid, Spain (December 2-13, 2019), with the support of the European Union to engage citizens and local authorities to green up their communities, as part of their fight against climate change and to make an impact on protecting the planet.

The main objective of this action titled: “Green up your community”, was to raise awareness of a wide audience, with a particular focus on young people from the South Mediterranean region on the need to care for the environment they live in and on the importance of plants/trees, as one of the most effective ways to fight global warming.

All municipalities, from countries covered by Clima-Med were invited to bring their communities together to develop and implement a green action by organising a Planting Day during the month of November.

We are delighted to announce that more than 20 cities from the eight countries covered by the project have applied and joined this initiative.

Within the ‘’ Green up your community campaign’’, the Clima-Med project has supported the participating municipalities to purchase seeds and planting tools. A set of promotional tools were developed and a guideline on planting was also distributed. In return, and besides planting, the municipalities and their citizens have committed to also maintain and look after the growing plants and trees.

Clima-Med will post articles with an overview of each planting day, organised in the framework of our awareness campaign.

Stay tuned for the stories!