The Clima-Med experts have conducted from the 8th of January 2020 to the 23th of January 2020, a number of field visits in Jordan that took place in the municipalities’ premises. Several meetings were held, each meeting included two municipalities, and the number of participating municipalities reached 22, and total of 110 participants in all sessions.

One of the main objectives of these visits was to support the local authorities in identifying the city priority projects related to the mitigation and adaptation of climate change in all sectors by providing technical assistance to understand and respond more actively to climate change and to formulate and implement more sustainable projects such as renewable energy solutions, energy efficiency measures to reduce CO2 emissions, solid waste management, efficient water usage, water harvesting and environmental – friendly transport.

Structured to lead brainstorming sequences with the cities allocated staff involved in the SEACAP development, the sessions aimed at identifying the cities’ sustainable development projects, the problems and challenges they face and the priority action plan in order to be able to speed up its development, financing and implementation. Based on the deep analysis done for all sectors in each of the cities, the experts succeeded in identifying and prioritizing the actions and measures to be taken to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Therefore, a draft for action plan has been developed for each city covering the sectors included in the SEACAP formulation.

Consequently, the cities have shown interest and willingness to speed up the development of the identified actions and commit themselves to deliver their work. As where the National Authorities are supporting the cities in their sustainable development projects and are providing them with the necessary technical assistance as well as the financial means when it is available.