In response to the Clima-Med project initiative in implementing the Regional Planting Day, the Municipality of Al-Zarqa in Jordan has organized planting days on December 11 & 12. The events took place at the Assem Ben Thabet Street, and the main Round About in the city.

Dr. Ayman Al-Omari, Director of Environment Department together with the municipality’s cadres (agricultural workers) and some volunteers participated to the events. The Municipality relied as well on the logistical support from the municipality’s agricultural department, in addition to the estimated financial support from the Clima-Med project.

The objective of this action is in line with the municipality responsibility towards reducing the risks of climate change and reducing pollution, as well as encouraging agriculture, preserving the environment, beautifying the city, and providing service to its citizens. In light of this, more than 100 trees from local species were planted whereby the implementation of this event depended on reducing administrative and promotional costs to benefit as much as possible from planting the largest possible number of trees.

Both days benefited from the municipality announcements for local media coverage (frequency 101.8 on FM) and on the media center through social media tools.