In parallel to the UNFCCC’s twentieth meeting of the Standing Committee on Finance (March 20, 2019), Naguib Amin, Clima-Med team leader participated in a dedicated meeting with the UNFCCC and UFM representatives to discuss potential interactions of the Clima-Med project with the UNFCCC “Need-based Project” (NBF) and explore possibilities of collaboration interactively with UFM actions.
Mr. Amin gave an overview of Clima-Med’s activities, concept, and approach and planned outputs, as he expressed the wish to create synergy and complementarity with UNFCCC’s relevant actions, in collaboration with UFM and EU.

Ms. Albus, Associate Programme Officer, Climate Finance and Capacity-building at the UNFCCC went through the budget allocated to CGE support, and to the preparation of training material and outreach activities, plus other support done through UFCCC. The NBF three steps of planned activities start from initial engagement, followed by technical work, then by support to resources mobilization and finally assessment and evaluation, remarking that the NBF project is first focusing on a number of pilot countries.
She also mentioned Lebanon’s interest in this initiative whereby the Ministry of Environment has requested technical support through NBF to host a climate expert to work on a number of outputs including case studies and costing exercises and support the holding of multi-stakeholders’ workshops to present those cases. Clima-Med’ helpful support was also solicited for Egypt, where UNFCCC action is still at a very early stage.

Mr. Amin stressed the complementarity of actions with Clima-Med such as supporting or integrating the request of the Lebanese Ministry and complementing the requested expertise with Clima-Med’s output; He proposed to look into specific areas of collaboration and the use of mutual resources, starting by concrete actions in joint countries of action.