The Municipality of Agadir in Morocco has organized training workshops on planting techniques and planting days on 23 & 24. The events took place at the public space next to the large Adrar stadium, the Lycée Amrou Bnou Lâas, Ibnou Toumart Middle School, Ibnou Sina School and Alatlass TIlila School.

Members of the municipal Council and officials from municipal departments, including the prefecture of Agadir Ida-Outanane representatives, the Regional Director of the Department of Environment and Sustainable Development, Provincial Directorate of National Education Representatives, teachers and students participated to the events.

The Planting Days were held in collaboration of local associations such as the Association of former laureates of the Agricultural and Veterinary Institute (IAV-Hassan 2), Engineering students of the Agricultural and the Veterinary Institute (IAV-Hassan 2).
750 seeds were planted altogether: 100 Argan trees, 340 Myoporum, 490 Flowerlets, 140 Acalypha, 50 Hybiscus trees, 30 Justicia and 30 Rosemaries shrubs.

A gallery with photos and a video are available in our library