The Climate Action Strategy Reports, CAS, for 7 countries are ready and available

Clima-Med team, in close coordination with the NCG in each of the seven beneficiary countries of the project, has developed the Climate Action Coordination Strategy Report for Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia.
The mainstreaming assessment of these reports shows the convergence of the countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions, NDCs, with the national and local policies and strategies regarding NDC implementation.
The CAS reports are an analytical tool guiding national authorities on how to better mainstream climate change public policies and projects, focusing on climate mitigation and adaptation actions. They are key documents providing recommendations for climate action coordination (policies, investment framework, M&E, capacity building) at the national and local levels. Additionally, they have developed recommended actions to reduce the vulnerability of the monitoring and evaluation framework by establishing a GHG inventory system for measurements and analysis of local climate actions complying with the national climate change targets.
Cities’ role is key to the attainment of the NDCs.