Zakaria Ben Jaafar

Expert senior non principal Procurement

Mr. Ben Jaafar has long experience in projects financial and contractual administration.
His management studies, with an accounting option, carried out at the Tunis Superior Management Institute from 1994 to 1999, provided him with the necessary foundations for a varied career in private company groups as an administrative and accounting manager.
During a professional career of more than 20 years, Mr Ben Jaafar spent more than 12 years as an administrative and financial expert on major EU-funded cooperation projects (2008-2021), through which he acquired a perfect knowledge of European procedures.
He was a specialist with a solid background in three EU-funded programmes in Tunisia with total budgets amounting to EUR 102 million. Mr Ben Jaafar also has thorough knowledge in the elaboration and follow-up of tender dossiers according to European procedures and the preparation and execution of budgets. He has mastered computerised general and analytical accounting and project management software packages.
This remarkable and recognised experience has enabled him to develop a significant capacity for adaptation, analysis, organisation and a sense of relationship with the people he has worked with, such as beneficiaries, donors and multidisciplinary, national and international teams.