Mr. Vanni Puccioni

Senior Short-term Expert- Banking & Climate Finance

Mr. Vanni Puccioni is a multi-disciplinary expert with over 30 years of experience in international cooperation in the Mashrek-Maghreb, Africa, Asia , the Caribbean and the Balkans. Starting as an architect and landuse planner, he has extended his skills to environmental themes, rising in his career to managing sectorial policy and budget line for environment in developing countries in the EU Commission, and a Commissioner for Environmental Strategic assessment in Italy’ ‘s Ministry of Environment. As an expert and Team Leader, he has worked on nature conservation for WWF, the World Bank, the Italian Cooperation and the EU Commission.

Since 2002, Mr. Puccioni’s activities are focused on Climate Change, on assignments from the EU, the UN and the World Bank, dealing mainly with Climate Change mitigation and adaptation strategies and technologies. In the same period, he has worked on Disaster Risk Reduction and Post disaster reconstruction in the Port-au-Prince earthquake (Haiti), Cyclone Hayan (the Philippines) the great 2004 tsunami (Indonesia).

Mr. Puccioni speaks English, French and Spanish.