Dr. Ramadan Sadeek

Senior Non-Key Expert - Country Support Expert and Coordination in Egypt

Dr Sadeek has over 30 years of experience in physical, natural, and urban environmental planning and management in the services of regions, local authorities, and national agencies. He has covered environmental action topics related to climate effects. solid and hazardous waste, risk management, climate data collection, confronting radioactive hazards, assessing climate impact on agriculture and tourism, and consolidating coordination between local authorities, environmental agencies, and NGOs.
He has lately been the coordinator of the CES-MED and Clima-Med EU-funded projects and supported the preparation of Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs) for several cities in Egypt.
Dr Sadeek holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology, MSc PhD degrees in environmental sciences, and attended several courses in related areas. His environmental research and studies include recycling solid, agricultural, and hazardous wastes; programming environmental data; assessing the environmental impact of ground and surface water and floating tourist facilities; water management and hydrology published in scientific journals.
He is an expert and consultant member of the Society of Scientific Professions in Egypt.