Climate and Sustainable Energy Expert

Dr. Papadopoulou is a Project Manager and Research Associate at the Energy Policy Unit of the National Technical University of Athens, while she has 15 years of working and research experience in the energy sector. She is a Chemical Engineer with a M.Sc in Energy Production and Management and a PhD on “Decision Support Systems promoting energy efficiency in the modern energy sector”. Alexandra Papadopoulou is highly familiarized with the energy planning context at the local, regional and national level and the energy efficiency tools and policies on a European level and in the ENPI South and GCC regions. She has in depth knowledge related to the Covenant of Mayors procedures, such as development of Baseline Emission Inventories, Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans and Monitoring Reports.

Furthermore, she has profound experience in providing technical assistance for the development of their SEAP/SECAP to municipalities in EU and ENPI South countries, acquired through her participation in several projects, including CES-MED. In the above-mentioned fields, she has more than 40 scientific publications in international journals with reviewers, announcements in international conferences and chapters in books.