Name of City/municipality: Qalqilia

Population: 51969

Area:  10 Km2

Qalqilya is located to the extreme west of Qalqilia governorate. It is bordered to the east by the town of El Nabi Elias, to the north by the town of Falamia and to the south by the town of al-Khadra.

Name of Mayor: Dr. Hashem Almasri



Main features:

The city of Qalqilia dates back to the Roman era, and dates back to the Canaanite era. Some historians see it as a Canaanite term called round stones and then on areas and round borders. The city is strategically located and connect the West Bank with the Green Line and it is characterized by a beautiful nature and its historical center includes the old Mosque and houses dating back to the Ottoman period and the British Mandate period.

Main economic activities:

The industrial sector in the city includes different industrial types of establishment, is playing an important role in the economic and social wellbeing of the local society. In addition to an active agricultural and livestock sectors employing a significant part of the labor force in the city, as well as trade and tourism are active and play a key role in local economic development.

Conditions and environmental challenges:

The city is benefiting from all essential infrastructures and networks such as water, electricity and roads. Nonetheless, water networks has a high pace of water misfortunes, which it is in urgent requirement for remodel. Moreover, this city is confronting a high level of unemployment coming to about 60% of the active work force, where the majority of the workers are in the governmental sector.

Climate wise, Qalqilya is confronting an increase in temperatures and shift in stormy season, happening in a brief period with extraordinary precipitation. In light of the absence of proper framework, this have prompted flush floods many times.