Name of the municipality: Sefrou

Population: 84,680 inhabitants (2014)

Area: 10.80 km2

President: Mr. Jamal El Filali

Contact: Ms. Najia Rzama:

Main features:  

Séfrou is located 28 km from Fez and 73 km from Boulemane, at the foot of the Middle Atlas. It is crossed by a river, the Oued Agay, (or “Assif N’Aggay” in Amazigh), river of the tribe that corresponds to that of the Ihinagènes belonging to the Aït Youssi (indigenous population and owner of the area of Oued Agay and Séfrou before the arrival of Jews and Arabs in the 1st and 6th centuries). There is a waterfall within the city, one of the many springs and waterfalls in the province.

The city is known for its cherries, also known by the Cherry Festival, created in 1920 and protected since 2012 by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Main economic activities:

The Municipality of Sefrou features a usable agricultural area of 97,200 hectares, including 15,000 hectares of irrigated land.

Two industrial zones covering an area of 12 ha are present on the territory of the municipality; the growth percentage of the industrial sector is still low. Making about 14% of the total activities, it is characterized by the predominance of olive oil presses, textiles, leather and building materials factories.

Sefrou has an important cultural and tourist heritage that includes, in addition to the waterfall, various other natural and environmental sites that forms an important investment base that can support economic and social development, thus creating employment opportunities. The tourist components of the city of Sefrou (historical, cultural, human and natural aspects) suffer from an acute shortage of tourist infrastructure, as the number of non-classified hotels is next to zero, in addition to a single municipal campsite.

Conditions and environmental challenges:

Endowed with a continental climate characterized by a cold winter with often irregular rainfall and a hot, dry summer, the commune plans to implement a series of actions to fight against flooding of the Oued Agay which runs through the city and to grade, protect and landscape the banks of the river.

Since 2018, Sefrou has been committed and has adhered to the Convenant of Mayors for Mediterranean (CoM Med). The commune is currently preparing its Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP) with the assistance of the Clima-Med project.