Name of City: Khreibeh

Population: 2160 (2015)

Area: 7.43 Km2

Khreibeh is located in the southern part of the Mount Lebanon Governorate and in the upper side of the Chouf Caza. It is located 56 km from Beirut and 7 km from the Caza Caimacamiyat seat in Beiteddine.

Name of Mayor: Mr. Nassim Al-Ashkar


Website: N/A

Main features:

Sitting on the bottom of the Chouf high mountains and close to the cedar trees reserves of Barouk, Maaser Al Chouf, and Ain Zhalta-Bmohray, Khreibeh is part of the vital perimeter of the reserve thus being green, sustainable and attractive to tourism.

Main economic activities:

The village’s economy is diverse in the agricultural, service and tourism sector. Khreibeh is productive in agriculture, mainly known for its olive orchards and its olive oil production.

Also, the beautiful landscapes and natural environment of the village makes from the eco-tourism a good factor for the local economic development.

Conditions and environmental challenges:

The unemployment rate in the village is considered low, and the citizens enjoy a good infrastructure services, in need for better development and improvement especially for sewage collection and treatment.

The village is rich in water but has known some scarcity lately, this has led the local authorities to establish rain water collection artificial lakes all around the village and especially in the higher land where melted winter snow is collected.