Name of Region: Union of Eastern Baalbeck Municipalities (Nabi chit, Sareine, Janta, Yahfoufa, Khouraybah, Al Khodor, and Maaraboun).

Population: 50000 (2019)

Area: 101 Km2

East Baalbek region is located at the top of the eastern chain of the Baalbek Hermel region, bordered on the east by Syria, on the south by Rayak An-Nasiriya and on the west by Danayel Housh al-Rafiqa.

Eastern Baalbek region is divided into two parts: flat areas 45% and mountains 55%. The highest point above sea level is 1450 m in Khouraybah and the lowest point is 900 m in Sarein.

Name of President of the Union: Ali Shokor


Website: N/A

Main features: East Baalbek has a picturesque natural location and is distinguished by its terrain and climate, conducting too many environmental activities due to the various natural features in it. This area is also known for its archaeological importance, embracing many sarcophagi, wells and the girl’s palace. 

Main economic activities:

Economic activity in East Baalbek depends mainly on agriculture where 35 of land are cultivated with a big variety of crops, religious tourism where historical religious monuments exist, and some light industry work where medium-sized factories comprising sponge and plastic plants exist.Trade activities are also a boost of the local economy where a part of the population is involved in trading within the villages and with nearby cities and towns.

Conditions and environmental challenges:

Residents of towns and villages in villages and towns of East Baalbek face great challenges to secure a better standard for their lives.This is due to the weakness of the productive economic activities and the poor infrastructure sectors as well, comprising the sewage collection and treatment as well as the solid waste management. The unemployment rate in the region is increasing due to the lack of work opportunities compared to the growth in the population.

The region is exposed to extreme weather events, extreme cold in winter time, hot and dry weather in summer time, causing intermittent droughts and water scarcity since recent years.