Name of City:  Union of Dannieh Municipalities (20 villages and towns)

Population: 150000 (Dannieh Region 2018) / 82000 residents (Dannieh Union 2018)

Area: 365 Km2 (Dannieh Region) / 102 Km2 (Dannieh Union of municipalities)

Dannieh is a region in north Lebanon, extending from the Mediterranean Sea to the highest mountains in the Middle East on a 365 km2 area. Dannieh cluster falls within the boundaries of the Minieh-Dannieh Caza in the district of north Lebanon. Minieh-Dannieh is surrounded by Akkar in the north, Hermel in the east, Becharreh and Zgharta in the south and Tripoli in the south west. The Western part of the Caza borders the Mediterranean Sea.

Name of President of the Union: Mr. Mohammad Saadieh



Main features:

The Dannieh region is a land of great natural resources. It has the highest mountain peaks and the deepest valleys. The landscape stretches out from the shore of the Mediterranean and extends to the highest mountains. It has the largest forests in Lebanon including the rare junipers (Lezzab) forest and the cedar forest. It has the greatest reserve of aquifer and the largest number of springs in the country. It has the most beautiful climate and the most diverse biological environment.The Dannieh region has the potential to entice eco and winter vacationers from all over the world. The population of the region are the kindest, most loving and most generous people. They have a great deal of integrity and patriotism.  

Main economic activities:

The agriculture is still the major component of the region’s economy. It is the only source of income to 40% of residents and a partial source to 30% of residents, with a big diversity of cultivated crops.

Moreover, livestock grazing is still an important activity in the region. Dannieh is known for its pastures especially in the highlands which attract shepherd from outside the area.

Not to forget the importance of the tourism sector in Dannieh.  The region is characterized by several tourism incentives including the beauty of the scenery, biodiversity, natural reserves, water resources and 62 archaeological sites. The most important touristic sites in Dannieh are: Zahlan Grotto, The Roman Temple in Sfireh, Lake Ouyoun Al Samak, and the natural reserve of Juniper and the Palace of Dreams in Bakhoun and others.

Conditions and environmental challenges:

Despite the richness in natural resources, Dannieh region in general has the worst economic stagnation and the poorest agriculture sector. Also, it has the largest percentage of barren land devastated by drought.

It is apparent that Dannieh is facing enormous challenges regarding the sustainable development of economical and infrastructure sectors, such as the sewage collection and treatment, the solid waste management, the urban planning and the development of the agriculture and tourism sectors.

The major threats to Dannieh’s environment include: Loss of biodiversity, effect of littering and illegal garbage dumping on human health, dangerous effect of damping waste water into valleys.

Dannieh region is facing extreme cold in winter time especially in its mountainous area, and flash floods caused by heavy rains, which in turn cause damages to infrastructures and agricultural lands.