Name of City/municipality: Ramat–Gan

Population: 170,313 (2020)

Area: 16.4 Km2

Ramat Gan is located in the Gush Dan metropolitan area east of Tel Aviv. It is bounded in the north by the Yarkon River and in the east by Bnei Brak.

Name of Mayor: Mr. Carmel Shama Hacohen

Contact: Omer Ben-Nun Stern:


Main features:

The settlement of Ramat Gan was established in 1921.  In 1950 it became a city. The city is in the middle of Tel Aviv district, the municipal district of Tel Aviv Jaffa, Holon, Bat yam, Bene Beraq, Herzliya, Ramat Hashron Kiryat ono and Or Yehuda.

Ramat Gan parks include The National Park which covers some 1,900 dunams, and David Park in the Merom Naveh neighborhood.[9] 25% of Ramat Gan is covered by public parkland.

Main economic activities:

Ramat Gan has the largest hospital in Israel – Shiba Hospital, which is one of the ten best hospitals in the world. It also has the Bar Ilan university, The Shenkar college of Design and Engineering.  The Ben Zvi school for acting and more colleges. Ramat Gan has the Diamond Exchange District of Israel near Tel Aviv.  There are many offices buildings, startup companies, Insurance companies, etc. This area is near the railway trains, The Ayalon river and The Ayalon highway. The northern neighborhoods are just aside the big Hayarkon river.

In the next two years the red line light train will start to work and will cross the city on its way to Petah Tikva city.

Environmental conditions and challenges:

In the building committee all the high buildings must pass the conditions of Green buildings since 2016.  The municipality plans to:

  • Reduce air pollution from vehicles especially in the town center.
  • Avoid floods from the Yarkon river, green roofs, culture farm in the city, keeping the small naturel reserves.
  • Reduce fossil energy by construction of solar panels.

Ramat-Gan has already made a progress in recycling garbage and intend to improve it.   In the south of the city there is the National Park and the Safari zoo. It is a large recreation area in the Tel Aviv district.