El Guettar commune in Tunisia, developing climate actions ideas for its ongoing SEACAP


El Guettar commune in Tunisia and its team in charge of the Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP) development, was invited on the July 6th, 2020 by the Clima-Med project team, to participate in an online workshop via the Webex platform in order to identify project ideas to be developed into action sheets on adaptation and mitigation at the local level.

Thanks to the El Guettar team good preparation and its efficiency, this workshop allowed the emergence of several new ideas proposals for climate action projects to be included in the SEACAP. Those projects would contribute, not only to the commune’s development with regards to energy and environment but also on the socio-economic level.

In terms of mitigation, the actions identified with El Guettar commune concern the sorting and management of waste and pollutant discharges, the production of solar energy for public lighting and an efficient irrigation system using green energy. While in terms of adaptation, the actions discussed concern mainly, but not only, the protection and preservation measures of the OASIS as well as  the groundwater and surface hydric resources.

The workshop was organized by the Clima-Med team in charge of the Maghreb region including Amel Makhlouf, Key Expert for Maghreb, Menouer Boughedaoui, SEACAP Expert for Maghreb and Fatima Zahra El Ghabi, Rabat Office Manager, in the presence of Mr. Mabrouk Ammar, Mayor  of El Guettar, Mr. Riadh El Hadj, member of the municipal council and President of the civil council of sustainable development of El Guettar, Mr. Mohamed Hamid, engineer and director of sustainable development at the municipality and Mr. Zied Said, President of the investment commission.

It will be followed during the first fortnight of July 2020 by 11 successive workshops with more Clima-Med partner municipalities in Tunisia: Nabeul, Maâmoura, Hammam Sousse, Sisseb Dhriaat, Monastir, Rades, Bizerte, Sousse, Chihya, Medenine and Kairouan.


cover photo: courtesy to Karim Ben Van