Egypt’s cities showcase an unyielding commitment to fighting climate change, and it is all in the fourth Clima-Med short film: A glimpse of hope

As Egypt will be hosting in less than 45 days the 27th Climate Change Conference of the parties, CoP 27, in its coastal touristic city of Sharm El Sheikh, there is clear evidence of its commitment to working hard on climate issues, which are at the heart of the European Green Deal Agenda. It has also launched the National Climate Strategy for 2050 and prioritised climate action for the country’s environmental sustainability.
There is a convergence of many environmental challenges In Egypt: pollution, heavy rains, urban growth, and rising temperatures are threatening its agriculture and affecting its local economic development and public health. As a response, ten cities have joined the Clima-Med project and developed their Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plans, SEACAPs, aiming to change the course of things and bring positive effects on the communities’ well-being in the country.
Taking the viewers around the cities, Clima-Med’s fourth short film, “A Glimpse of Hope”, is centred around inspiring stories of Egypt’s inhabitants and local actors, their actions, and solutions to fight for a more sustainable future. It also shows the engagement of the EU in the region, pursuing ambitious policies with its international partners for climate action.

Watch the film here: